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Not your everyday care

Our mission is to build a safe community by providing exceptional early childhood education that incorporates technology while embracing the adventure and joy of childhood.

We nurture lifelong learners who treat others with respect and kindness.

Why Choose Tamiami Academy?



We are incorporating technology not only to make the lives of our staff, teachers, and parents a little easier, but also to encourage responsible fluency for the next generation of digital natives.



Feeling like we are safe, supported, secure and a part of something bigger: these are the benefits of community that we are striving to build every day so that our children and their families can thrive.



Combining decades of experience in early childhood education and development, entrepreneurship, instructional design and librarianship, we are uniquely poised to provide an unparalleled learning experience.


Our curriculum is designed to address the whole child at their level. Customized to their needs, our areas of focus will prepare them to enter elementary school as well-rounded students who are eager to keep learning, and will set the foundation for them to grow into the responsible and caring leaders of tomorrow. 



Language Arts



What Parents are Saying

We were so happy to be able to find a place where our daughter feels like she’s at home. Extremely impressed with their communication along with the cleanliness of their facility. Our daughter is beyond happy since attending Tamiami Academy. They are excellent people and I feel grateful for the care and education they give my daughter, she loves them! And that is the peace of mind we were looking for. Thank you!!

Let me start by saying that we looked at more than 6 private daycares in the area until we found Tamiami Academy. I am a mother of 3 and like any parent I wanted the perfect place for my little ones and that it exactly what I encounter here. Since the moment we toured the place, it was obvious they were very meticulous with their place which was kept immaculate. We are extremely grateful to have found this school.

We’ve been leaving our daughter in the care of Tamiami Academy for a few weeks now, and not only have I noticed the great manner in which the teachers care for and teach the children, but also in seeing how well the children in turn, interact with the teachers and each other. I think that it’s a terrific environment for my daughter to learn and develop her social skills.”